Squad Europe

Our Rules...

Rules broadcasted on our server are always to follow.

Below rules can be revised any time and in doubt the rule broadcasted live overrules any below mentioned rule (page could be outdated)

General Terms

  • Racism and discrimination have no place in our hosted environment! Neither in Chat, Nickname, nor Squadnames
  • Flaming, griefing, trolling and basically any kind of toxic behavior won‘t be tolerated and players consequently removed!
  • Intentional and/or multiple teamkills will lead to a temp or perma ban on all our Servers. Apologize atleast for accidental TK
  • If you accidentally killed a teammate, you should apologize. If it happens more than once, we will kick you


  • Our Servers is focused on cross-european gameplay, the general server language is English. Within a Squads there is no Language restriction
  • Squad Leaders must have working Microphone and aligne strategy with other Squads via Squadleader radio!
  • Squad Leaders are free to remove Players, for any reason, from their Squad. Recommended to inform Players beforehand, to avoid frustration
  • Don't create a squad if you don't intend to lead it
  • You must have a pronounceable nickname. Players like " لا تحزن", " /0-/0" or "~#=$=&" will be removed
  • No locked Infantry Squads under 5 People (Fireteam + SL)


  • SL's must play active Objectives, if not Support! Capturing/Defending Flags is the goal. Repeated violation will resolve in removal of SL
  • Main Base raping/camping is prohibited. Enemy must have the chance to leave mainbase, we recommend staying defensive at last Flag
  • Squads must be named accordingly to their purpose: i.e Mortar, Logistic, etc
  • No solo locked squads except Logistics


  • Squadleads are responsible for all assets and held accountable.
  • Abbandoning Vehicles, especially Logistics, will not be tolerated
  • Intentional or reckless waste of Vehicles, including parking Vehicles away from defended FOBs or Mainbase will be prosecuted
  • Properly named Vehicle Squads have priority over vehicles. First correctly created Squad will have priority to claim respective vehicles
  • All Vehicles with 25+mm Cannons must be operated with minimum 2 Crewman - Stryker/BTR-80/BRDM are allowed Solo
  • M-ATV TOW + Sprandel is not allowed to use solo

Forward-Operating-Bases (FOB)

  • FOB‘s must be possible to destroy with shovels! NOT BLOCKED by any permanent object as water, rocks, Buildings

Exploitation & Meta-Gaming

  • Any kind of Bug-Using/Glitching, etc. providing an unfair advantage over other players is prohibited and punished hard
  • Communication and/or exchange of game-relevant information to opposing Team-Members is prohibited
  • Live-streams are not allowed. To avoid ghosting, streams must have 10 minutes delay. Offenders will be removed and banned permanently when caught again.

Latency / Spam

  • High Ping (+300ms) over 5 Minutes can result in a removal from Server. High Ping can cause Lags for Players and/or Server
  • In-game chat and voice channels are essential for the Team. Any kind of voice or chat spam will result in removal
  • Any kind of advertisement or recruitment in Public Chat is reserved for Server Partner. You can advertise in your Squad


If Server population is lower than 40 Players, Seeding Rules apply

  • Only middle flag(s) in map center will be attacked/defended
  • FOBs and HABs must be placed OUTSIDE of middle Flag capture areas, recommended 400m away
  • Enemy FOBs and HABs must NOT be attacked/destroyed, except if they have been build on middle Flags
  • HABs shall not be camped while seeding mode is active unless do so from active cap objective


  • All Players must be in a Squad, Unassigned/Idlers will be removed to make space for active players!

Report Players

Please report Violations on our Discord: https://discord.me/fc-squad with submission of SteamID and other evidence
Requests for Ban removal with your 64Bit SteamID see www.steamidfinder.com


Squad Europe is supported by donations of our community members.
Our monthly costs are about 120€ monthly.

Any help from you is more than welcome. Thank you!

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